Calling All Surfers!

Surfers - silver, or otherwise! - are invited to visit the Trivia Trail set up by Milltown Memories reader Malcolm Bull, of Brighouse, part of the Halifax Evening Courier website.

Trivia Trail is a positive treasure-house of local information with entries covering churches, chapels, pubs, mills, schools, buildings of all kinds and much more.

Explains Malcolm: "I am concerned that a great deal of information and local history, held in people's memories, may be lost forever unless we write it all down.

I hope readers will visit the website and take a look at their favourite entries and anything else which interests them. If it's not there please let me know. If it's wrong or incomplete let me know. The more the merrier. All contributions are welcome."

Readers can visit the main website here

There are separate pages for churches and chapel; pubs and inns; mills and factories; schools. Malcolm can be emailed at:

Read the full story in Milltown Memories, issue 7. If this or other stories stirs a memory, we'd be happy to know - send us your memories and comments.

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