"T'Clogging Hoil" to Co-op

Heptonstall Co-operative Society survived long enough to reach its Centenary in 1960.

"The scheme originated with a few men who rented a small room in Church Street known as the Cot or the Ringing Room, later as t'Clogging Hoil," according to a report from 1910 marking the Golden Jubilee.

This co-operative shop was only open in the evenings, when the men returned from their work.

A splendid opportunity presented itself in 1863 when the young society was able to borrow sufficient money to buy the premises in which the business has since been carried out. The price was 380."

Note: Cottages at Clark Hill and Great Wells were demolished to make way for the new Co-op shop which opened in 1866. The society went into liquidation in 1967.

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