When Tom Mix Came to Todmorden

Brian Lever meets his Hollywood Hero:

When Tom Mix Came to Todmorden

Fielden Wood, master baker, outside his shop at 61a and 63 Halifax Road, Todmorden, flanked by his wife Rosina, left, and a shop assistant, name unknown. The photo was taken in 1927 four years before Fielden died aged 51. Photo BT984 reproduced by kind permission of Mr Brian Lever. Click photo to enlarge,

My grandfather, Fielden Wood, had the baker's shop on Halifax Road, Todmorden. I have lots of boyhood memories of the shop, in particular the time when I was aged about four, and, dressed in a cowboy outfit, was sitting on the steps when a parade came down Halifax Road.

It was led by a Hollywood cowboy on a white horse, Tom Mix I think! He stopped when he saw me sitting there all dressed up and, with my grandma's permission, lifted me onto the horse with him and we rode to the bottom of the street. What joy!

When Tom Mix Came to Todmorden

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