Tribute to Lloyd

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death, on July 13 2005, of Lloyd Greenwood, affectionately dubbed "Mr Hebden Bridge." To say that he will be greatly missed is a huge under statement for there is scarcely anyone in the upper valley whose life he did not touch.

Born 80 years ago at Fairfield, Lloyd was a railway worker for over 45 years.

World War Two interrupted his career and he served with the Army in India and Burma. In 1958 he married his late wife, Elsie, who died last December, and the couple lived at Palace House Road. Both were members of Hebden Bridge Methodist Church, where they met, and for many years Lloyd did the floral arrangements, also demonstrating his skill with flowers at meetings all over the valley.

Lloyd's other great love was amateur dramatics - he was for many years a member of The Little Theatre, in particular relishing comic roles. He also directed a number of their plays and pantomimes for the church.

A trustee of the Alice Longstaff Collection, Lloyd enjoyed taking part in recent video productions in which he was undoubtedly the star. An occasionally gruff exterior belied his extremely kind and caring nature and, a self-confessed "show-off," he will be remembered by many "holding court" on countless occasions. "He was a gentleman to his finger-tips and could hold an audience in the palm of his hand," recalls long-time friend and Longstaff Collection custodian Frank Woolrych.

The sad loss of his step-son, David, just a month before the death of his beloved Elsie, were blows from which Lloyd struggled to recover. His health had deteriorated but his sudden death came as a shock to all who knew him. Lloyd is survived by his step-daughter Catherine Elizabeth and granddaughters Rachel and Loren.

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