Three Generations of a
Hebden Bridge Butchers

Three Generations of a Hebden Bridge Butchers

Code no CT098RC: The "home-cured hams and bacon, and home-made sausages, polony and pies" were made at premises on Heptonstall Road.

The Golden Wedding celebrations of well-known Hebden Bridge couple Arthur and Alice Collinge 50 years ago marked not only a long and happy marriage but the establishment of a family dynasty of butchers that started in the Victorian Age.

Married at Slack Baptist Church on January 2 1904, Mr and Mrs Collinge had been in business in Market Street, Hebden Bridge, since 1908. Arthur, a native of Colden, became an apprentice butcher for Heptonstall Co-operative Society at the age of 14. Four years later he was branch manager.

The family tradition is maintained today by Arthur's great-grandson David Woodhead, who took over premises in St George's Square in 1988.

Three Generations of a Hebden Bridge Butchers

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