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I was very interested in the photo and article (issue 7) on the Suffragettes. Is there any more information on their activities in the Upper Valley?
Ms J. Leach

Press reports revealed that "prominent suffragist women," including Emmeline Pankhurst, visited Hebden Bridge on January 28 1907 - just days before the march on the House of Commons in which 50 supporters, including Mrs Pankhurst, were arrested.

The visitors seized the opportunity to declare their support for local weavers who had been out on strike for over six months: hundreds turned out and "a great crowd" gathered at the Co-operative Hall. Mrs Pankhurst addressed a meeting from the steps at Bridge Mill for those who could not get in.

The arrival of the suffragists triggered "lively scenes." Non-strikers were mobbed on leaving a factory in Hebden Bridge by a large crowd of weavers, led by a local suffragist, and attacked.

On February 7 two women and four men appeared before Todmorden magistrates charged with intimidation and unlawful assembly. All refused to pay their fines and were sent to prison.

There was a further meeting at the Co-operative Hall on February 21 which passed off without incident.

I have been looking at your Web site with great interest and wondered if you had any information on my great great grandfather James Needham.
Helen Burton, via e-mail

In issue 7 Barrie Lord mentions Reuben Haigh and the music shop he had in Hebden Bridge. Does anyone have any more information? The name Reuben goes back through each generation of the Haigh family to the mid 1600s so I feel he has to be connected with this particular branch of the family, originating in Todmorden. I am a family member and it would be lovely to find out about this particular Reuben.
Ian Hargreaves, via e-mail

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