Fellow photographer Peter Robertshaw
recalls Martin Parr

An impeccable B.B.C. accent, which would get him into any venue and his impish sense of humour are among my own personal memories of Martin, who was a warm, friendly man as well as being a very talented photographer.

The Albert Street Workshop featured prominently: working in a factory in Hebden Bridge, I would spend my lunch-times viewing all the artistic talent to be seen there, at times going up to Martin's darkroom to see his newly-printed photos.

Martin's subjects were all and everything - fetes, galas, shops, factories, meetings, churches, customs, sports and clubs. He joined Hebden Bridge Camera Club, where I was also a member, and would take great pleasure in taking the mickey out of club rules and traditions.

One incident in particular springs to mind. Photos entered in club competitions had to be mounted - stuck on card; Martin's interpretation of this regulation was to forward his entry in a fancy plastic frame from Woolworth's - not the done thing but within the rules.

Although I don't have any of his photos they are in my memory and always will be, I suppose.

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