Pre-dating Butlins by around 20 years, Todmorden-born William Holt set up the Hawden Hall Holiday Camp at Hardcastle Crags in the early 1920s.

Later well known as a writer, artist and broadcaster - and political agitator - the former weaver was never slow to seize an opportunity and confesses in his autobiography "I Haven't Unpacked" that he got the idea for the camp on his return from the First World while walking in the Crags.

The camp proved a great success but the restless William found the lure of travel to Portugal and Spain more attractive. After just a year he sold his enterprise to an ex-soldier for 300 and used the money to pay for a visit to the Continent.

Author, artist and entrepreneur, William Holt with his horse Trigger. The pair's adventures are described in "Trigger in Europe," published in 1966.

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