"Where Good Clothes Come From"

Where Good Clothes Come From

The shop exterior in the 1950s. (ct104)

Every fashion-conscious Todmordian paid a visit to T. Gorey's, "Merchant Tailors and Costumiers" of 33 Rochdale Road, where quality and style for both men and women went hand-in-hand and whose motto was "Where Good Clothes Come From."

Established in 1926, the name was an amalgam of partners T. Gornall and Wilfred Reynolds. Of the two Wilfred "Wilty" Reynolds made the biggest impact: a member of both Todmorden Orchestra and Brass Band, he is remembered to this day for the charitable work he did for local good causes, over 40 years raising thousands of pounds.

Wilty retired in the late 1960s and the firm was taken over by a Manchester-based group. With his going went a traditional business the like of which will never be seen again.

Where Good Clothes Come From

Interior shot of the gentlemen's department shows, Gorey's stocked everything for the fashion-conscious male. Reproduced by kind permission of Mrs Jackie Woodhead. (CT107)

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